Pictures From the Las Vegas/Grand Canyon Trip

These are loooonnggg overdue!

We stopped at the original Del Taco in Barstow on the way up-- different wrappers!
I only got a few pictures of my dress and one is blurry and the other is me caught off guard!

Grainy picture of Ian and I with our CES convention badges.

The next day we were off to the Grand Canyon!
 This was our room at the Bright Angel Lodge.  We saved some money by getting a room with no bathroom in it.  We had fun sneaking down the hallway to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  I say "sneak" because that place was definitely not sound proof.  We could hear people in their rooms down the hall sneeze.  
We didn't get much sleep, but it was such a neat place and so much fun!
 Ian pointing out the bathrooms down the hall.
We woke up early in the morning to watch the sun rise over the canyon.

The inside of the lobby looked like this...
 I LOVED the decor! I hope we can come back again soon and stay a little longer next time!
 And on the way home, we saw this beautiful desert sunset!

The End!

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